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I'd go for the OM-2(n). No battery issues, and you don't even have to switch it on to get a correct auto exposure because the exposure metering is switched on by the mirror flipping up. The viewfinder meter is separate to the auto exposure. The electronics are no longer repairable but seem so reliable that this is really not an issue. OM-2s are cheap enough that if one goes wrong, it's probably cheaper to buy another!
AFAIK the OM2n is built from discrete electronics which still is repairable. As opposed to all later models, which use integrated circuitry in form of ASICS. These seem to deteriorate with time and must be replaced. If these ASICS are out of stock, the body will make an elegant paperweight, if the electronics is defective. Canibalizing an other body does not help much in the long run, as the harvested parts are as old as the defective parts they will replace. As the deterioration is a function of time, all OM-Bodies made after the OM2n will be paperweights by the time. It's beginning with the OM2s.
Second lesson to learn from this: There will be no running classic cars in the future from contemporary cars, just grounded showroom models, as modern cars all use ASICS in their engine management electronics.