Trying to compare a Nikon D3 to a Contax 645 is like trying to ask if someone likes apples better than oranges. In other words, there are no right answers, only benefits and challenges with both. I think the better way to think about your options is to consider specifically what output you need or want. In modern times your options are so vast that the camera has very little to do with the output in my humble opinion. For example, I use 8x10 large format because of the incredible details in my floral still life. I use a 903SWC Hasselblad superwide because I love the 6x6 square format along with the size and quality of prints I make from this camera. The 38mm lens on this camera is literally distortion free and I shoot the majority of my street and environmental work using the sunny 16 rule from my hip literally because there is no viewfinder in this camera. I use a Mamiya 7 rangefinder with the 43mm when I need a portable solution for landscapes and don't plan on cropping from the 6x7. I choose to use film over digital because it is my preference. I am a fine art photographer and I love the look of my prints from film over digital. Are there times when digital is the right tool for the job... sure, just not in my fine art and for others it is the best tool for the job. I work at a slow pace and I am focused on making fine prints. You get the idea.... I have specific reasons why I choose my equipment. In the end all of the various equipment is a luxury. If forced to I could use my C220 TLR from 1969 and produce beautiful fine art prints all day long. Good luck in your journey and just enjoy whatever your decision is.