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Pleased you like ART 300 : Its funny, Glossy unglazed FB outsells matt FB by a factor of 4 to 1 approx, when we went out on field trial to photographers around the world with ART 300 some of the questions on the questionnaire obviously relate to the surface, we got excellent feedback.
Thanks for getting back to me on this, Simon. I am not surprised you got good feedback as it appears to be a very nice paper for some applications. And while I realize that a matt surface is an acquired taste much like platinum printing, Dmax isn't the holy grail for all of us out here. This is in large part the reason that Photo Rag is so popular among so many and why I and so many others were so excited to hear that you were working on a Photo Rag based paper. Unfortunately though, the photographic version of the paper doesn't display this quality with its shiny coating.

I also mentioned in the other thread that I suspected it is some sort of resin coated hybrid, though I was told via the Ilford Facebook page that this is not the case. However, having been able to separate the coating from the paper base, it feels very much like a polymer of some sort and this concerns me as to its archival quality. They also directed me to a page that spoke of the shorter wash times. This also leads me to believe there must be some kind of resin coating as I am questioning how a heavier than normal, fiber based paper could in fact have shorter wash times? Something doesn't add-up.

Thanks again, Simon. Please forgive me for seemingly looking a "gift horse in the mouth" because I want to love and use this paper. However, I also need to be able to be sure of what I would be potentially selling collectors. I'll do some more testing and perhaps a 3rd party analysis before putting it into rotation in my darkroom. Also, if you could shed more light on the coating and reason for shorter wash times, it would be very much appreciated.