Thanks for the thoughts, good thoughts all. I can't (or won't) buy everything I want, and I'm definitely not going to buy more than one OM series camera at this time.

The OM-1 meters are pretty reliable - once battery issues are sorted out.
I thought I heard that CdS meters deteriorate more so than others and will need to be replaced?

Get OM-1n and OM-2n. A good CLA for OM-1n will last for next 10-20 years and other things to consider are the lenses. Certainly they are not cheap.

I personally recommend cameras with M42 mount.

If you have enough case then think about Nikon FM2n or FM3a.
I did a brief search on KEH. The lenses don't look to be too bad. I would start out with a 50mm and MAYBE eventually get a short tele and a wide, but those both run on the order of $100 each. Doesn't seem too unreasonable. Perhaps you are referring to some other systems that are a lot cheaper? I am open to suggestions. I don't know much about the M42 mount but a brief look at the Pentax Spotmatic shows me it's about the same pricewise. Also, the FM2n is quite expensive (relatively) and the lenses look to be comparable. That's a more expensive option overall, and I'm looking for something relatively cheap. I'm doing this to mess around and have fun and shoot film and able to take quality pictures with a 35mm "sensor," but the body has to be around $100 or less.

I am open to other options, but it seems as though the OM bodies aren't ridiculously priced even if a tad over priced (they are still "affordable") and that they are quite capable machines.

I'm not interested in the OM2s. I've seen enough about it, particularly it seems to have the disadvantage of integrated circuitry as mentioned below. I'm starting to wonder if I should just get an Elan 7e. But I've never bought a manual camera and something about the deliberateness of it appeals to me.