FT: Graflex Home Portrait W/Holders for Canon 5D MKII


I have an Graflex Home Portrait 5x7 in perfect working condition, just back from getting an CLA (165.00 + shipping) and works like new again. The lens is an 250 F/4.5 Jena in Excellent condition, no mold/fungus or scratches. Camera body is in very good shape with the usual wear. Shutter curtain is good and light tight, viewing hood as well. Now for the good part, I have 14 grooved/slotted holders which are quite hard to find especially in the condition that they are in, which range from 9/10 to mint. I also have a working and light tight sheet film bag mag for it as well. I will include a brand new pack of 5x7 (50 count) Arista 100 sheet film as well. I am NOT SELLING the HOLDERS seperately. I will trade the outfit outright for an Canon 5D MKII body in excellent condition with low shutter count. I would consider trading for the earlier 12 mp. 5D with an Canon EF 70-200mm F/2.8 Lens. If interested please PM ME DIRECTLY or I may not see your post. We can exchange photos via email if interested. Thanks, Mike.