I now have 4 OMs :- OM1n, OM2 and 2 x OM2n. All but one of the OM2n have been CLAd and re-foamed by Mike Spencer at Camerarepairs and the other OM2n had been fettled when I got it. Probably 4 is one too many, but the last one was too much of a bargain to miss (smart OM2n + minty T32 flash + Tokina AT-X 28-80 for 50 )In all honesty, for general use there is little appreciable difference between OM1 and OM2. Yes, you have to match-meter and set the OM1 whereas the OM2 will aperture prioritize, but not a big deal. Bodies are so cheap my own view is to buy the nicest cosmetically working OM you can and then factor in a re-foam and CLA by one of the recommended techs. The re-foam is quite important on the OMs because if it hasn't been done the foam that olympus put in on top of the prism starts eating the prism silvering as it degrades. Once fettled you have a sound camera that will most likely last for years and years. You can usually check the condition of the foams by gently touching the pad in the door hinge and one of the pads that the mirror hits when its up. If they feel sticky its re-foam time. Some zuiko lenses (the faster ones) are expensive, but the "ordinary" lenses are cheap. Whatever anyone says, don't overlook the zooms. One of the nicest lenses I have is a 35-70 F4, and I often use a 75-150 F4 as well, and these are so cheap they are almost free.