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I realize that this is getting seriously OT, but...

While I can't speak for the Sony cameras, I do (also) extensively use a M4/3, with the primes I've had for years/decades.

First, the existing M4/3 cameras use a different and more accurate (albeit somewhat slower) AF method than the vast majority of (D)SLRs. In fact, in the test I previously mentioned, a M4/3 camera had the most accurate focusing results of all the cameras tested.

That said, manual focusing on my M4/3 viewfinder (not rear LCD) doesn't even come close to manual focusing with a *good* optical viewfinder/screen combination. Better than expected, yes, but the majority of my film cameras will reliably focus more accurately.
So stick with them. Manual focus optics will make up the long tail of film equipment, not the bodies. OLED finders will probably be common in a few years on most DSLRs if Sony's new A77 is any indication. These combined with colored focus peaking displays might be what ends the discussion regarding focus accuracy with manual lenses.