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The ability of AF to deliver accurate focusing v MF is interesting. When sports photographers used analogue cameras, such as the F5, my impression was that nearly all the pics they took were in focus. If it was less than 50% then the photographers were wasting 50% of their films and presumably the hight burst rate of shooting that the F5 was capable of would not have helped.

The pro nikons had an excellent and advanced focusing system that was basically transplanted into their pro digital bodies. However, much film is wasted shooting sports.

Sports photographers who adopted AF efficiently were those who came from a manual focus background and were accustomed to techniques that were proven to get more infocus shots. I used to shoot sports mostly manual focus and started a little bit of AF with the f4s, but it wasn't up to the grade the F5 AF provides. You'd learn the sport and players well enough to predict when they'd be making a move and you'd be prefocused for that. For basketball, soccer, or football, follow a player instead of the action for a bit and they will follow relatively predictable patterns that you can focus easily. I.e. in basketball, a defender will be paired up against an opponent and after a turnover or two you can figure out who's ordered to be on who. For track, pre-focus where someone will be at their peak in a long jump or focus on a marker on the track they will be running past or for long distance relays, they use the same point of handoff.