I've always been interested in getting a series 500 Hasselblad, but I'm at a bit of a loss as to what model to get. I'm currently looking at getting a good body for starters, and then start looking for all the other accessories.
What I've found locally at a good price are the following, 500 C/M without anything with a couple of dings, and a 500 EL/M with a waist finder (not sure if it's the correct term, but anyhow, it's the version you look down into) in a bit better shape for a little bit less.
What I've found out so far is that the EL/M is a bit heavier due to the motorfeed, batteries can't be found for it, so you have to use an adapter. But it also doesn't suffer from jamming as the non-motor version does since the motor cocks the shutter every time.

SO, basically, what should I get, are my two choices good or should I be looking for something completely different? I don't do studio shots, most (if not all) of my photography is done outdoors, but seldom in any setting where weight is a problem, as long as it isn't more than what a normal DSLR and a couple of lenses weigh.

And then there's the accessories, I've understood that I'm gonna need a lens, finder and film back, but for the finder and lens I'm at a bit of a loss. Is there anything in particular I should also get or be on the lookout for? I don't mind spending time putting this setup together, since I'm not quite bathing in money at the moment.