Chad and Dnmilikan... thank you for your well considered answers. I know that TP can be a bit of a diva and I try to use it accordingly in lower contrast situations with a cyan filter... Developing it in a stand development combo it prints out nicely on Agfa Classic and I have usually been able to avoid the highlights piling up. However, I do see your point that it may be too much trouble when similar results can be achieved with another more docile film and my energies can be applied to other aspects of the process.

My primary film of choice at this time is TRI X, as it suits the character of what I am shooting... also I like the speed. I assume that as I move up in format my subject matter may change and I shall seek out films whose characteristics enhance that visual vocabulary.

Thank you again for the benefit of your experience...... Annie.

Izu... Absolutely sublime! It is wondrous to me that a spiritual essence can be captured so purely on film. My photographs still just say... I happened to be there.