Thanks for the responses everyone. Sorry for the ambiguity in my initial inquiry. I'm not doing anything fancy here. I just need a small pocketable flash. I really don't need any setting or buttons besides a simple test button to manually fire the thing. The T32 that's been mentioned looks good and is smaller then what I've been using so far but I'd like even smaller if possible. Ideally something that'll fit in a shirt pocket. This is for use with my Fuji GS645W (my small camera that I carry) so I want a flash that will not add much bulk to what I'm already carrying. I remember seeing a little flash a while back that was about the size of a cigarette pack and it put out a heck of a lot of light. I just didn't pay attention to what it was so now I don't know how to find it. To sum it up, I'm just looking for a simple pocketable flash. No special features, no need to pivot or swivel, just something I can fit in my pocket which will put out a decent about of light. Both flashes I've been using, some old Minolta thats lost its name badge and an old Polaroid flash that I ripped of a Polaroid camera which doesn't even have a shoe mount (which I like), have a guide number of 56 (guide number measured at 10ft at 100iso) which is fine. More power would be nice but not if I have to sacrifice size. I would tolerate a little less power for smaller size. If I could find something the size of a cigarette pack that would be the perfect size.