Except I know how to use a light meter, so that search would be pointless. What I am curious of is how the handheld works, specifically how it detects light and how you know it is metering the part you actually want to have metered. I could probably do more research in this particular area, but I figured it'd be easier to just ask and on the limited research I had done, I didn't find much. If you've got URLs bookmarked that would be worthwhile for me to know about, then feel free to post 'em.

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The community here is pretty good - I certainly wouldn't hesitate to share my shipping address with anyone who has posted a few times.

As I look at it, it really is no different then giving your shipping address to a store, or a magazine, or a credit card company, or your local, friendly taxation authority.

If you see something you are interested in, communicate with the seller using either PM or email (check their APUG profile). Work out any terms that are acceptable to both of you, and proceed.

The risks involved are the same as any long distance transaction. If you are buying from someone who has been here for a while, that can give you some comfort. I've bought and sold here, and have had excellent experiences (sales as far away as UK and Australia!).

You may never have purchased long distance from an individual. If so, your concerns are understandable, but you need to know that many people transact business regularly that way, with generally good results.

And as for Craigslist, I have had excellent results (sales and purchases). Of course, it really helps to know what you are buying or selling and what the value is. In addition, due to the fact that things like moderate value used film cameras aren't exactly the most popular items, there is less likelihood of buying something that turns out to be stolen or purchased using a stolen credit card.

In your case, as you don't really know what to check for, it might be hard for you to evaluate the condition of something on Craigslist. But you could always post a link to the ad here and ask for specific advice.

And as for "brokerage" charges - $50+ isn't unusual from UPS or Fedex. If it goes via USPS and Canada Post, there is usually no "brokerage, but sometimes it is $10 (+ GST).
To me it is completely different using an established business and using a private individual that you don't know. Businesses can gather up reputations from thousands upon thousands of people and they have incentive to not scam people. That incentive is that the person being scammed could report them or make it public and their business base would be ruined.

Perhaps in time I'll warm up to using the APUG Classifieds. Especially if I start looking at more of them more closely. Thanks for the information.

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I would second Mamiya C220/330, both can be found at a decent price and I think they are great cameras. They are the only TLRs that have interchangeable lenses all of which are very high quality. I've bought mine though ebay or other online sites, but they seem much cheaper that a lot of MF kit.
Yeah, they seem like swell cameras. Except that all of them I see listed on KEH are out of my price range.

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I noticed the link I posted to the large format forum meter for sale is for a LunaPro, not an SBC. Here's a selection of used meters:

Stay away from the spot meters for now. Using one is not exactly difficult once you understand metering but that's for later. (I have a spot meter and consider it essential for shooting with my 4x5 camera, but never use it for medium format myself.)
Thanks again for all the info and advice. Again, I'll reply to your longer post not yet, but soon.

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Buying a camera is a tricky thing. it's like buying a car, shoes, choosing a long-term (or short-term) mate. What works for me won't work for you. Or what works for me works for you, but for completely different reasons. Face it, you will not 'know' about a camera until you use it. The more cameras you use, the easier these decisions become, but even after 40 years of cameras i need to hold a camera and take it out before I 'know' about that particular camera. Decades ago my two favorite cameras were a TLR and a 35mm rangefinder. 30 years later, I am right back to these, except that the rangefinder is a 6x9 because I like medium format negatives. But no one could have convinced me that I didn't need to use a MF SLR or a 4x5 view camera or a three different 35mm SLR systems or 6 different digital cameras in the meantime. Buying and selling cameras is usually part of the process.

The TLR being sold by LyleB can be sold for what you pay him if it doesn't work out. That may sound cruel or short-sighted, but it's the reality. I bet most people here have been through a few cameras over the years. So it isn't a waste of money. Think of owning many of these cameras as simply renting them until you sell them on.

A problem for you is that $250 is not a lot to spend. Most MF cameras are old and need maintenance or repair. So even if you get a Bronica ETR series with a 50mm and 120 back, there is a decent chance that the back will develop a leak in the next year, the shutter could freeze up, etc. That's a chance with any of these cameras. So condition is very important. This is where buying from a place like KEH, a known entity or place like here where people identify with their sales, or locally, becomes helpful.

One thing I haven't heard mentioned- the reversed image of a WLF. On both TLRs and SLRs, the image will be upright but reversed. Some people, maybe most, get used to this very quickly. But it does take time, especially on the street where you often want to react but find yourself moving the wrong way or such.
You're right, what works for me may not work for you. But I explained what works for me, so naturally I'd assume you'd cater your response to that based on your experience. For example, some have stated in this thread they don't do much street, but they can still say what may work and what has worked for the little street that they happen to do.

Regardless, I am merely looking for advice and information. I am noting peoples suggestions for light meters and cameras and whatnot, but that doesn't mean I have to take said suggestions. I will take the products suggested and look into it a bit more myself. Just because someone says get a Yashica 124, doesn't mean I'll get it.

I know I will not "know" a camera until I have it in my hands and play with it a bit, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't want to "know" as much as possible about the cameras so that I can make the most informed decision for myself possible. Hence my questions.

And again, I cannot pay LyleB right now anyways for the camera advertised, I am still needing to save up. Oh, and I don't buy into the doctrine that cameras are disposable and thus just something to rent until you're bored with it. I want something that will last. A camera that, if it is a camera that suits me well, I can use still 10 years from now.

Thanks for mentioning the WLF. I had heard this about 35mm SLRs with WLF, but didn't know this was also so with medium format. That would take some getting used to.