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I've wonder this myself over the the years, and here is my thought process.
1) Standard lens for 35mm format is 43mm, for MF it is 85mm. That is essentially one stop when it comes to hand holding. Moderate telephotos become impractical.
2) Shutter/mirror vibration is going to be greater in MF, further reducing the hand holding speed. (But I shoot OM's, which colors my opinion of acceptable noise and vibration.)
3) The overall kit (lenses, body, etc) is going to be be bigger and heavier. (See note above about OM's.)

The solution? Folders!!
I asked about handholdability because everyone has different views. I understand that it depends on the user, camera, and what is acceptably sharp, but I just wanted to hear the views from the users. Some argue that they can handhold them slower because of the larger negative; I have no idea because I've never handled one. I have no friends who have 645 SLR's nor a place to rent them, so I don't know either.

I know the kit is going to be bigger and heavier, but I don't know if it will bother me or not. I figured that If I'm going to be shooting with a camera that isn't compact like a folder/point-and-shoot, then might as well bring home the best negative possible while staying practical (no 4x5!'s)

I have 120 folders and I love them. But unfortunately there aren't any cheap wide-angled options that I'm aware of.