I used a Beseler 67 series enlarger for decades. It is currently in storage because I found an Omega D6 (4x5) enlarger on Craigslist with a whole bunch of lenses and accessories. I've kept the Beseler enlarger because I would happily use it again, and ideally would like it as a second enlarger in my darkroom.

A good condition, medium to heavy duty Beseler or Omega enlarger will serve your daughter well, and like the Saunders models are still being manufactured.

There are good reasons that, at least in terms of North America, there have probably been more Beseler 23C model enlargers installed in school darkrooms then all the rest combined.

There are also excellent quality enlargers from companies like Durst and Kaiser that are more easily found in Europe.

I guess I'm saying that you shouldn't exclude other options, even if the Saunders options seem to be very good.