I would advise you to pick up a simple enlarger setup, they can be had inexpensively and free sometimes. Everyone has to start somewhere, and you can be free to always keep a look out for your ideal setup. But its best to use something basic and build up darkroom skills on small and medium prints before going large.

Large is fun, but its very expensive, more so if you are just learning to print. Everything is exponentially more expensive, paper, chemicals, trays, space needed, large easels, and complicated wall and floor setups. As Jon mentioned, tricky focusing. Errors also increase, you have to deal with a very clean room, spotless negatives, precise alignment, and long exposure times. Things you want to learn on a smaller print first.

You will not find equipment that is cheap or free when you go large, most people dont have setups that go larger than 11x14, and therefore used equipment for large sizes is not that common, or holds a higher resale price point.

Get anything, start somewhere, get the experience, she will appreciate the equipment upon upgrade that much more.