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... I am figuring about 6 to 7 months before you see it...
Ok, I'll admit I lack patience. It's true.
So, having said that - anybody up for doing round 2 now?

Just to keep things interesting let's make this one a bit different. I have here a fine camera that I'm willing to donate. A genuine "Vivitar EZ Point 'n Shoot Big View". It's greatest attribute is that you can load the film of your choice in it. Ok, the film is probably worth more than the camera, but that hopefully will add to the fun.

It's about as simple as they come. Fixed lens, fixed focus, fixed aperature ... this thing is fixed good. According to my handy-dandy Calumet shutter tester it runs at 1/125, I haven't figured out the aperature. The only drawback to this camera (I can't believe I just said that) is that, like most or all of these simple beasties, you really need to be 4 ft or more from your subject. That may be true of the disposables too, I don't know.

So, is anyone interested?
What film should we use? How many exposures?
I guess the last person on the roll should develop it.
I suppose we should start with folks that didn't make it onto the list for the last '1 camera' go around, but repeats are fine with me if there's room.

Give me your opinions and ideas (like I needed to say that).