Wow, I had a huge post typed up, attached a picture and then click submit and learned that I couldn't attach links until 5 posts. It deleted my whole post.

So here it goes again...

My name is Eric. I am 25 years old and I'm from Arkansas. I hold a job as an RN so photography is a part-time hobby. I got my first DSLR about 3 years ago now and I have been learning ever since. But then I felt like I wanted more gratification from my work so I started shooting some film with my aunts Canon EOS. It was fun and cool but still wasn't what I wanted. I needed something more mechanical, more organic. A friend gave me a Minolta X-370 with a 50 1.7 and 200 f/4 lens. That was it. I love the feeling of that metal body and the manual film lever advance. I shot some rolls of film and got them developed. But somethings else was missing.

I wanted to develop my own film. So I got a roll of T-Max 100 and an Epson V500 (Craigslist $60!) and went to work. I first used the Cafenol formula. Success! I felt like I really made something!

Now I am looking to develop B&W using real chemicals and proper technique. I look to learn a lot of tips on developing/scanning from this website.