... but my real reason for looking at 35mm is because that is the equipment I have. However, I can see why 120 film would be easier and it's not going to be hard to talk me into that. Adding to the collection is NOT a problem for me. But to go down the MF path, I have to slip a camera AND silver nitrate and all the other stuff in under the radar. It can be done, of course, as long as the financial manager doesn't figure out exactly how many $$$ are going out the door on this project.

What's a modestly priced camera to start with? Almost all of my 35mm equipment is Pentax so I've been looking at Pentax 645's on the big auction site and KEH. Is that a good way to go? I'd want something with some room for growth (lenses etc.) I can tell you that, unfortunately, that Hassleblad's need not apply.

-- Jason