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I've used at least four lenses on it already—a 24, 105, 50 and 35—and all are pretty much the same story. I'll take a closer look this evening though. I really don't want it to be done for as I absolutely adore the way it looks and feels. It's like whoever held this thing every day for ten years had my hands and my grip becuase it fits like a glove.
Yeah but would you feel that way if it was a car? Friends are into "beat is better" too with cameras. Not me. It's not prissiness but practicality that convinces me to get the newest, cleanest, lowest-mileage cameras I can afford. Old but NOS or little used will live longer trouble-free than old and nearly dead. I want to spend $ on film and prints, not repairs. Brassy just doesn't speak to me. Shelve this tchotchke and get a camera that works.