Hi all,
I was looking for a Minolta Autocord but now I'm looking for something a little cheaper. It appears there are a couple of relative sleepers--the Ricoh Diacord (aka Ricohflex Dia?), the Ricohmatic 225, and the Super Ricohflex. I'd prefer something on the Ricoh Diacord end, but open to any of the above or would consider something that's comparable. It needs to have clean glass and be full functioning and working well, but it doesn't need to be in perfect condition.

I'm actually doing this because I'm asking for it from my wife for Christmas. I'd probably communicate with you over pm and get your contact information. You would need to be ok with me passing on your contact info to my wife, who would then decide (or, less likely, not decide) to purchase it and I wouldn't know until Christmas I hope that's an ok arrangement for someone.

Let me know!