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Wow. I don't even know what to say anymore. I'm outta here.
Why would you be (apparently) offended at what sounds like just honest difference of opinion here?

I'm in the "can't see as it could possibly matter in medium or large format" camp, but your eyes and tastes may differ. I shoot mainly conventional films in 6x6, Tri-X and FP4+, and print up to 11x14. An 11x14 (or 11x11 or so square) from a 6x6 FP4+ negative is "grainless for all practical purposes" to my eyes, meaning if I get really close and look really close, without my glasses (I am very near sighted and can see very well if I get very close) I can make out the grain, but otherwise not. Tri-X is a bit more but still invisible unless you look closely for it. I would not hesitate to make a 16x20 from a MF Tri-X negative. Now if I were making 16x20s from 35mm, then maybe the differences between Delta 100 and TMX would be significant even to me.

Even if one can see the difference and prefers TMX, I can't see it being enough to question the film/developer combination. Something else is going on here.