Just got 2 rolls of portra 160VC back from Peak Imaging with 5x4 prints. The prints all have the same colour balance except for 3 which look totally different from the rest. Both rolls were shot in the same shoot in the studio. I'm only using these as proofs (luckily!) but even so this is pretty unprofessional from a big name lab.

They have also managed to mount my e6 once when I asked for sleeved. When I called them up I had to ask to speak to the manager before I got any kind of offer of compensation even then he had to be pushed. These guys are also 'Propix' apparently a pro lab. I've had it with Peak and had issues with lab35 too, how do these places get away with this kind of thing?

Anyone know of a good c41 labs that doesn't charge the earth? Will I have to go to pro labs like metro and sky to get decent service?