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Thanks for the comments all! Very helpful. Just discovered this place. It surprised me so many people are still into film. I also appreciate all your thoughts.

I'm not really new to photography, or even to film photography. I shot film for about a year or two on an Elan 7e in high school before I got a great deal on a Digital Rebel (original) which was relatively new back then. I hadn't intended on coming back to film but I realized there's a sort of pleasure in holding and working something so mechanical. Something about having more involvement in the negative and more of a simple understanding of what's happening as I press the shutter button. I'm not giving up digital photography, no way, but I'm excited to complement my DSLR (yup, still the original digital rebel).

Which is why I think I've decided on an OM-1n. I could probably still be convinced otherwise but I need to decide one or the other and something is pulling me in the direction of the OM-1n. Main thing is--will lack of aperture priority bother me? I'm betting first that it won't bother me and that I'll enjoy the mechanical interaction with my camera. It was also helpful to see that one could get used to and feel the position of the shutter ring to know if the shutter speed is too slow. And if it does bother me, then it can't be hard to get an OM-2n instead. I'm especially looking forward to the viewfinder as I think it's supposed to be an upgrade from my digital rebel. So I think Bill (nsurit) is actually going to set me up!

After having a 50mm f/1.8 on my digital rebel I realized that I love, love the 80mm equivalent focal length, but will have to settle for the 100mm f/2.8 in the future. I was pretty sure I wanted to start things off simple with a 50mm f/1.4. Would I be better served by a f/1.8? It looks like there are so many varying opinions on which one is sharper, which one sits nicer on the camera. Some claim the f/1.4 is easier to hold on the camera, others like the compactness and reduced weight of the f/1.8 (Made in Japan). Looking through the forums many people have both and mostly use the f/1.8, or many people have both and mostly use the f/1.4. Guess I'm going to hear the same opinions by asking this, but I was wondering if anyone wanted to recommend one or the other in particular.
If you are surprised at the number of film users, have a look at the SLR page on rangefinderforum.com and check out the OMoholics pages, I think they are up yo 72 pages now, it's been going for years.