Hi Mark. I have been very pleased with my Domke 4AF. It is deceptively small looking and I love that it's a drab olive waterproof canvas. It has removeable padding and can easily go in the washingmachine. With a purchase of the Domke Post Office Shoulder Pad, even more comfortable for long treks in the woods. Here's what I carry usually carry in mine to give you an idea:

Hasselblad 503cw
3 A12 backs
3 lenses [50mm, 80mm 150mm - one is usally attached to body]1 Pola back
Large meter
Air cable and small cable
3 Filters
Prism Viewfinder
3 extension rings
1 Quick Release Plate
Lots of Film
Digital recorder (I record every exposure)

I have to pick and choose if I want to carry a really large lense like my 40mm, but you get the gist of its capabilities.