Here is my much whittled down keep list for one reason or another.

Blad system (50,80,150, 1.4converter, 3 backs, 500cm, and 500elx).
Nikon system too much to list both digital and film 10.5mm to 300 f2.8
Nikonos system 20,35,80... don't ask.. I just like it and do use it once or twice a summer never know when that mermaid will show up!
Toyo 5x7 metal field.. some lenses.
Still on the fence about the Sinar system.
Big Anthony 8x10 studio with 5x7 slide back and 13" Vitax.
Fed clone an Leica 50 2.0... gotta have some Leica glass.
My sub-mini friends... Minolta 16 and Yashica Atoran.. don't ask, but they are easy to hide. (PS I just bought these).
I think everything else I have collected is going..
... except my venerable AE-1 that started it all for me in 1982... my first modern camera... I also will not part with my dad's Ansco Regent 35mm folder I used before the AE-1 came along.