Joel, I'll get you the link to that 8x10. :-). I think I still have it saved at home.

I won't be having my jaw surgery after all. Long story short, my birth defect is such that the only surgery that would do me any good, my oral surgeon found, would be possible but extensive too impractical at my age, requiring a bone graft and other such tricks. And even then it would risk the functionality I already have. So we agreed leaving well enough alone was the most reasonable option. And that means less stress and more money for me, so I'm not too disappointed!

And I'm loving my X-570. It could be my favorite manual-focus 35mm camera now. I've also just bought online a Unicolor roller base and some tubes so I can make a "poor man's JOBO and process reels and 4x5 with it. It should be really sweet.