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I used Oly stuff when it was new, as companions to my Leicas, and there was one thing that always irritated me: the lack of anything to hold on to on the right hand's side. It's really small over there, compared to every other camera, and I always had a problem with that. Somewhere along the line I picked up an OM2n-SP, and in addition to being a really wonderful camera, it had an accessory lump grip you could screw on that side, the smaller version of what all modern cameras have, that really was a help in holding the d!@#ed camera. If the straight OM2n had that, that would decide things for me. Otherwise, if I were looking now, I'd find an SP with the grip. It really makes a difference. After that camera, I bought a winder for my remaining OM1 just to have the grip.

I know the SP has collected a lot of demerits for internal complexity, though.

I put one of those "grip adapters" on my OM-4, and it helps. I have since put winder-2's on all my OM's, no more problems with them feeling small. Naturally, if you hold one properly you don't have that, as you are supposed to rest the body in the palm of the left hand and gripping the lens, whilst the right is for shutter release and film advance, not a death grip..