Some of you may recall I was looking into getting a used EOS 1v so that I could buy a Canon 24mm TSE II. This is my only Canon gear. You may also recall mirror lockup is a very important feature to me (as it should be to anyone). Some of you warned me in advance of the clumsy way of engaging mirror lockup on these Canon cameras. I knew it would be a hassle but worth the effort since this is a fantastic lens.

Anyhow I've been practicing getting used to the 1v, and even though I've got it all quite smooth now in terms of operation, I'd just like to say indeed the mirror lockup feature on this camera is ridiculous and irritating. There is no excuse for this. For serious photographers, mirror lockup is a feature I consider to be one of the basic necessities, and it should be treated as such on any camera claimed to be for professional use. That means having this feature accessible on the camera body, where it can easily be engaged in any situation including low light. Ideally it should be a mechanical button. Failing that, it should at least have its own dedicated electronic button on the camera. Having to open the side door, fiddle with the tiny custom function button, and then scroll through the functions etc, is horrible. That is the kind of procedure that should be reserved for one-off, weirdo functions you might only need once in a blue moon, not mirror lockup. And why should I have to be able to see the screen or viewfinder to engage something as simple as mirror lockup? It's also worth pointing out the mirror should come down when you want, not automatically when the shutter closes. The whole thing is just dumb.