Hi there!

I'm interested to know how you expose and develop TMAX 400 in R09. I've previously used D76 1:1 and TMAX and have been quite happy with the results, but R09 is so much easier to handle, dilute and get to the right temperature, so I wouldn't like to go back to D76 if I really don't have to.

However, my negatives (this far) have been quite contrasty, which means I'm underexposing and/or overdeveloping. The last roll (inspired by the 'way beyond monochrome'-book) I overexposed by 2/3 (ISO 250) and underdeveloped by 15%, but the negatives still looks a bit contrasty. It was given 8,5 minutes in 1:40 R09, agitation as recommended by Kodak (5 s every 30 s).

So how do you do it? Should I go back to D76 or go for HC110?