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The next goofiest MLU implementation I know of is the "unofficial" MLU on the Pentax MX. You advance the shutter and then "pop" the shutter release momentarily. This will raise the mirror and then after that you can just fire the shutter and the mirror would come back down as normal. This works on all of the MX's that I have owned (4) and other MX owners have also confirmed that this works the same for theirs too.
Many classic mechanical SLRs have the "unofficial" MLU. For sure I've it used on Pentax Spotmatics, Leicaflexes and Rolleiflex SL35s...

Another "goofy" MLU is on the Pentax 6x7: while it does it's job as a MLU perfectly, I wish it *were* a little more fidgety as I set it off by accident quite often.