Looking at picking up a 6*6 or 6*7 MF camera. I've been looking into a Bronica system (something like the SQ-A or Ai systems).

Looking at KEH and the prices aren't too bad for what it is. Full camera setup with 120 back, metered WLF, 80mm, 50mm: ~$850 posted to Aus.

But I'm not sure of a few things:

>Am I buying into a poor system with the SQ? ... Is there a better system (Bronica or otherwise) for priceerformance?

>Are there many caveats of this system? Are they known to be unreliable or difficult to use/repair?

Ultimately I want a MF camera with WLF without the size of my buddy's RZ67 or the price of a Blad. Is there a similar system that might be worth spending a couple hundred more on?

If anyone could point me towards some reading material on the Bronica systems I'd be very appreciative...