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If you want it "up front and there to see", try the ginormous SLR-on-steroids Pentax 67 body with MLU. A tiny slider right side front mirror box engages with a gentle toot and the mirror's up (albeit draining the battery while you are procrastinating about a change in the scene before you...). With this beast, you need all the vibration dampening on offer, then some.
I do own Pentax 67II and in my opinion it offers one of the best designed MLU function. If you have a metering prism (which is fantastic by the way) activating MLU activates exposition lock. So, you don't need to think about hardware, you can focus on the scene.

And this beast can be operated handheld withoud MLU and you still can get razor sharp pictures. This one was shoot with 105 mm lens and 1/60s (no MLU of course):