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If you like easy you might concider the T-max developer its not that cheap but easy to handel and great for small batches.
Results are greath. I like it.

gr Wietse
Concur, but I prefer T-Max RS. I use the 1+7 dilution, which makes it less expensive if that's a concern. I just use it to lengthen the times to something a bit more controllable. I've tried the 1+9 that lots of folks like but didn't care for the midtone separation as much. Not bad, just not as good as at 1+7 (or I sometimes use 1+6 with a slight tweak to the times for 1+7.)

Just dump the little bottle of second ingredient into the large bottle, mix, and then dilute when ready for use.

It doesn't last for a hundred years in the bottle like Rodinal, but it lasts a long time (at least six months after opening and almost certainly longer) is just as easy to use and is a perfect match for T-Max films.