Get the SQA, you won't be sorry. I've had one for years now and love it. It's not my only camera, I also have an RB as well as a C330 and a Rollicord, but it is my go to camera when I'm traveling. Matter of fact I'm planning on selling off everything else and putting the money in more lenses for the Bronica. You can get a back for the Bronica that frames for 645 if you need that aspect ratio. The Bronica is a system camera, which means lots of options on backs, finders ect. KEH is a good source and even their bargain rated stuff is better than most of the used stuff I've found in camera shops. Good system, not to heavy, inexpensive options, plus, you can always pick up a spare body without a view finder pretty reasonable. Just keep a spare battery around, no big deal.