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Hi there!

I'm interested to know how you expose and develop TMAX 400 in R09. I've previously used D76 1:1 and TMAX and have been quite happy with the results, but R09 is so much easier to handle, dilute and get to the right temperature, so I wouldn't like to go back to D76 if I really don't have to.

However, my negatives (this far) have been quite contrasty, which means I'm underexposing and/or overdeveloping. The last roll (inspired by the 'way beyond monochrome'-book) I overexposed by 2/3 (ISO 250) and underdeveloped by 15%, but the negatives still looks a bit contrasty. It was given 8,5 minutes in 1:40 R09, agitation as recommended by Kodak (5 s every 30 s).

So how do you do it? Should I go back to D76 or go for HC110?
If your negatives have too much contrast, develop for less time until it's just right for you. That is all there is to it. Promise.

TMY and R09 (Rodinal) is a wonderful combination and gives fantastic texture in your prints.