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What's a modestly priced camera to start with? Almost all of my 35mm equipment is Pentax so I've been looking at Pentax 645's on the big auction site and KEH. Is that a good way to go? I'd want something with some room for growth (lenses etc.) I can tell you that, unfortunately, that Hassleblad's need not apply.
-- Jason

Actually, I'm thinking really, really basic (and cheap.) Just something to test film with. There are a lot of old 120 cameras and new Holgas, etc. You need to make a lot of emulsions, and figure out how you're going to coat and then practice coating the film strips and loading them on spools. And then, go out and take pictures. Lots of pictures. Try a couple of different developers. Play. Tweak. Curse. Laugh. Keep going.

For the camera and darkroom odds and ends, check ebay, or even better, the APUG classifieds. The only thing to make sure is that the camera has a B(ulb) setting. Making emulsions is nowhere near as complicated as it can seem on some of these threads, but there is a certain amount of time required to assemble the equipment and workspace, and unless you're a savant, you probably will have a little time before you have to decide on your ultimate dream camera system.

Hopefully, this all sounds like a wonderful challenge and you can hardly wait to get started! I won't kid you. There's a learning curve, but WOW, the payoff.

The best of luck and fun,