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Sales="No sales" in retail. They're over-priced hipster bait the hipsters can't afford. Here in Toronto, Holga starter kits go for $70. Who'd buy that when you can get something like Nikon FG+50/1.8E for around the same money?
Maybe because FGs aren't hip for some. Hipsters around here have no problem buying Holgas. They're so much cheaper than iPods, which the hipsters also have no problem buying. Of course, being hip by design does not mean being clued in, and if you wear your hip-ness as a transient persona then you're probably not interested in long term financial value. (Much better to be hip by accident, and after the fact.) Now, if even one of those hipsters migrates to your FG and sticks with it, it's a win for me. Not because it's a more valid hip-ness but because I'm a big believer in examining your own being in this world through photographs. The smell of fixer and bad Dektol can only add to it.

E. R. Murrow: "What does it mean to be 'cool'?"
D. Gillespie: "If you have to ask, you ain't."

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