A few years back I purchased a 35mm bulk loader on the auction site and never used it. Today I finally pulled it out of the box to load some new film only to find out it was almost full of some sort of film already. So I loaded up a cassette with a about 12 frames worth, shot them at ISO 100 and processed in XTOL for 10 min @ 68 F. The film is looks to be quite fogged and has no trace of what I shot on it, so I would guess it is pretty slow. They only edge marking is "EASTMAN 28" and "W.T" or "W.1' " so I'd say that makes it some kind of Kodak film. The second marking is hard to tell because there is a sprocket hole right over it, but the "EASTMAN 28" is quite clear. The back of the unprocessed film is a rose color and the emulsion is a grayish-pink color.

Any ideas on what this film might be and how to correctly process it? A quick Google search didn't turn up anything. I have no idea how old the film might really be, but I bought the loader 6 or 7 years ago.