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What constantly amazes me on this site is the intolerance toward toycamera "Holga & Diana" users. I admit I bought a Holga, Diana+,an original Diana and other assorted Plastic cameras because I like the pictures they give and the freedom from technical details like setting shutter speeds etc I get. People constantly complain on this site about the intolerance of digi user towards film users, but are themselves intolerant towards other subgroups of Filmusers. The Lomographic Society and their prices are way too high and 70$ for a Holgaset is highway robbery but I am all for promoting film.

Look, I like toy/low-fi cameras as a means to an end, not an end in themselves. Lomography is branding, nothing more. Did Nikon or Canon ever pitch their own film brands as uniquely suited to their cameras? I just bought some dollar store Kodak disposable flash cameras for fun--2 bucks each, less than the cost of the 24 exp ISO800 film inside.