Brian ,

I worked as a photograph printer at a lab , there were 3 newly bought Rodenstocks and I printed 100 000 negatives with them. Red color was hard to control and my other lab printer was keeping coming and asking how to control the reds taken at studio lights. Camera and lens Mamiya 80 mm. They were excellent at daylight but dimlight prints were hot. But I saw Rodenstock BW prints and they were excellent , great blacks and sharp whites. Rodenstock is the best bw enlarger lens I have ever seen.

I owned Schneider lenses and They were not sharp as Rodenstock and blue color was greyish. They render differently and looks old technology.

And I lost control of my hand at darkroom and Rodenstock flied from 2 meters to concrete ground. All leafs messed. I swithched the controls and everything turned normal. I said great engineering saved me.

For daylight and BW , Rodenstock is true winner.

But dimlight is orange color was strong .