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I don't think we're in too much disagreement. When I first bought a Diana, they were in Woolworth's for about a dollar. Never heard of Lomo, back then. As for the "lifestyle/fashion" aspect, that can be true of any camera. I've seen Leicas and Rolleiflexes serving as fashion statements... I, too, find the marketing (especially of Lomo film) absurd. But the marketing has nothing to do with what you can accomplish with the cameras. They are merely tools, which can deliver marvelous images. You really should take a look at some of the stuff posted in the Gallery.
Well-acquainted with the results. Hard core film shooters take 'em for what they are. It's the fashion victim/trendoid/hipster crew that buys them, shoots a few rolls, discovers that film and processing/printing aren't so cheap, bores their friends with small prints, then quits and goes back to their iPhone and Hipstamatic app. The novelty dies quickly.