Okay, I have a couple TLRs that need repair, and I have yet to find a place that will work on them-most places deal with smaller formats or just not the brands I have.
I have a Seagull that went and lost its focus adjustment, and I would like to be able to use close focus and fit it back in its case.
Also, I have a rolleimagic II with a shutter out of adjustment. The meter doesn't work, although I have hears selenium meters can usually be brought back to life. Either way, I use the manual override, but the shutter either sticks, or the timing mechanism isn't working.
Does anyone know of a place that would be willing to repair these cameras? I really want to get them working again. I really enjoy the Seagull I happen to possess, so i really want to find a place that will actually repair it, as well as a place that will repair the rollei.
Thanks in advance.