I recently moved. My prior flat had a wonderful studio. I would go up and shoot...
a chair
my wife in the chair
or I would set up still lifes and play with the arrangments of objects. For me I liked to set-up a display that was attractive and included similar things or things that belonged and then try to insert a screw or two (things that didn't quite or really really didn't belong). I don't have any of those scanned.

Often I would use these times to test film. Pushing or pulling film in high and low contrast settings (that is what most of my chair pictures are) or multiple exposures or different light set-ups.

Lately I've been couped up in the house working and haven't had any time to shoot. My darkroom is a week or two away and the studio is probably a week or two further out. I have been keeping notes, paper and cerebral on what i will be shooting once the chance arrives.