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Kodak Double-X or Kodak Plus-X motion picture stock, I know of the rem-jet backing on color films which is supposed to be impossible to get rid of in an easy manner at home.
Just send me the plus-x and I'll put it on spools in cans for you. Of course you may find it's only 300' when you get it back ;-)

The "proper" way to do it is with a pair of rewinds, and split reels to hold the film on the cores while you wind it. I'm all set up for that, and it's pretty easy that way, but if you're only ever looking to do a couple of 400' rolls it's not worth the investment. The ideas here will work ok but it's imperative you keep the 400' roll flat on its side on a stable surface (preferably on some sort of axle rod) so the film doesn't fall off the core and make an unfixable mess.