I got one of those sunglasses cases with the locking doors and locking drawer. the local furniture store was going out of business and they sold it for around $40
it isn't airtight, so a little dust builds up, so stuff gets stored with caps on and cameras folded.
the drawers aren't airtight either, but you unlock the one and open it, then another drawer can be accessed from above it-almost no dust gets into it, so film holders, lenses, etc gets stored there. flashes, reflectors, and cables get stored in the main drawer.
shelves, sides, and front are all thicker lexan or acrylic plastic, so they do flex a little if you put some weight, as in a few cameras on them.
also, you can put it out in a room and turn the light on, so every camera that isn't in use becomes a display collection, if you are into that.