ello I am sure this has come up around here.. maybe not so directly. ...maybe more so..

How do you feel a photograph changes, or not.. when a print goes from being in your hands to being hung on a wall.. or perhaps even in a mat that you can hold

More directly.. Does having a tactile experience with a print change ones experience with a photograph? How we see it? View it? Change its effectiveness?

My personal bias as a printer is toward the tactile, i enjoy books of photographs.. I like how paper feels, textures.. the stiffness.. when I choose printing materials I go for tactile properties than tonal properties.

I remember as a student being exposed to the photography print room at the art institute of chicago.. Being up close and personal with some of that work really changed how I felt about photographs.. There was no picture frame, No Glass..Just prints, some with no mat. If I wanted I could pick up a print in a mat and hold it at an angle to see the texture and gloss in the light.. I was in control of how I got to experience that photograph at that time.. It was just like how I experienced my own work at home. With very little limitation.

Once my prints are on a wall in a frame I feel like they become a different kind of object and therefore in someway they feel like a different kind of photograph..

I am used to printing my work and organizing the good prints from the bad ones.. sometimes something goes in a mat on the wall.. sometimes the prints get bound in a book.. but rarely ever framed and behind glass. I nearly only have tactile experiences with my work..

It feels odd to lose that tactile experience for me. And I wonder how much of other peoples work I may have missed by not having a tactile experience.