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Hello All,

I am new to the Forum and obviously a late arriver to this thread. I just bought a Fujinon-W 360MM F6.3 W/Copal 3 shutter for US $395.00. I have a Fuji 300 C, which is supposed to provide complete 8x10 coverage. However, I thought that buying the Fujinon-W 360MM F6.3 will provide more than enough movement. I used the information in your thread to make the determination. The purchase includes a quality CoPal 3 shutter and the proper lens caps.
If any of you happen upon this thread again, please provide me some feed back on my buying decision as the Fujinon Compact 300mm/8.5 is now $1,199.99 at Badger Graphics in the USA. The cost of a new Fuji lens in the 300 mm range is now well over $1000.00. Used Fuji lenses at 300 mm and above are commanding premium prices.
You got a great deal, it has plenty of coverage for 8x10, I use it as my standard lens on 8x10. Though the lens is much bigger than the 300C, but the corresponding lens from Rodenstock and Schneider are much larger and heavier, at least that was what i recall from when I purchased some 20 years ago.