Howdy all,

After my first session with Fibre last weekend ended up with two very attractive potato chips (crisps for you English Folk!), I have read and re-read this thread. I have determined that the method I really want to try is the brown tape and pane of glass method. This may seem like some obvious questions but here goes anyway.

  1. I know that you are going to squeegee off most of the water, but I assume that there is plenty still around once this is done. I know that the gum on the brown tape needs moistening, but can all this water make it come loose?
  2. How many prints does one put on a piece of glass? I was planning on looking for and old window frame from the salvage yard nearest me and was thinking he bigger the pane, the more I can dry at once.
  3. Do you dry with the glass laying flat or standing up?