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http://www.zeisscamera.com/articles_oldvsmodern.shtml shows Henry Scherer's point of view on Contax cameras, and in my own experience I own a IIa color dial and a DS M3 both from around 1955: M3 wins hands down on everything except film loading.
And price, of course. A broken M3 costs more than a working Contax!

I think the Scherer article is totally fair, although in my limited experience the Contax shutters have been accurate enough for slide film. (The old selenium meters in the III/IIIa are another question---mine are mostly adequate, but I've been unusually lucky, I think.) You'd never mistake them for a modern camera, and they have some idiosyncrasies like the "Contax grip" that bother some users and not others. Personally I don't find any of that to be a problem, and for those who do, I'll be happy to take those pesky Contax bodies off your hands. :-)