Well, I've made a few test prints from that test roll, the negatives were slightly contrasty but the shadow rendition was...woa. Nice. I'll probably reduce my agitation (back to my normal routine, 10 s agitation each minute) and/or go for 8 minutes. Maybe go for 1:50 instead of 1:40, but now I'm juggling quite a few variables here. Hopefully I'll settle for just one variable.

As for the grain...what grain? Sure, last film I used was Foma 100 in R09 (which a lot of people thinks is quite grainy for an ISO100 film) but the grain on my 24x30 cm (9x12 inches for you yankees) print was...very discrete. The highlights (mostly snow) were a bit dense, but that will probably be fixed by reducing agitation and/or development.